Hello, I’m Aki Midori and I’m a French artist. I love to draw since my childhood but I discovered the manga world in 2008. And that’s how my first project was born…
All my projects are not only drawings, they are also novels (please note that no book is actually finished)!


>>> BIO’

◊ 2001: Creation of the initial version of Project 3.
◊ 2004-2005: Novel of the initial version of Project 3 (it had no name at this time!).
◊ 2006: First « real » novel (It had no name but will be the Project 4 in the future)
◊ 2008: First fanfiction and creation of the characters from Project 1.
◊ 2012: First exhibition – Fête de la BD (Audincourt)
◊ 2013: Creation of the Project 2
◊ 2014: Fête de la BD (Audincourt)
◊ 2015: Alpha 2015 (Châtenois les Forges), Amnéville Impact (Amnéville)
◊ 2016: Mangaddict (Montbéliard) + Beginning of the rewriting of Project 3.
◊ 2017: Professional exhibition in an automotive show (Yokohama, Japan), Alpha 2017 (Châtenois les Forges)



I’m actually working on a lot of projects because I have a lot of ideas but I have three main projects for the moment. If you like fantasy stories, you may like my two first projects but let’s come back to real life with the Project 3!

My two first projects are quite recent but Project 3 is a little bit older because I created this story when I was in middle school. This was my real first novel I wrote during my high school time but a lot of details changed since this period.

If you prefer something shorter and don’t want to wait until publication, you can also read my fanfictions but they are only available in French.

Illustration for an old fanfiction « Dark Illusions »



Each project has a lot of drawings. When I create a new character, the first step is always to draw him/her. And sometimes, I have new ideas of scenarios and I MUST draw them!! If you’re interested by those drawings, let’s take a look to the galleries of each project!

And of course, don’t hesitate to read the characters presentation sheets to learn more about them!

Akemi - First draft
Akemi Arashi’s first draft



Before creating new characters, it’s nice to train yourself with Fanarts. You can also discover a gallery with some of them I created. If you like Kuroko’s Basket, Naruto or Dynasty Warriors…, you may find some drawings you’d like.

Kuroko’s Basket – Kuroko